Cancer vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

   A Zombie Apocalypse~ or any kind of an Apocalypse for that matter~ is a disaster that disrupts the rhythm of the world, often damaging it beyond repair. Lives are lost or else ruined; grief grows everywhere, while joy and sanity become meaningless words; there is no form of respite in sight. In a society so painfully wounded, there is an urgent need for compassion and sensitivity. Then enters the Cancer.

   The words sensitivity and compassion are synonymous with Cancer, the water sign that thrives on emotional expression. Cancer is the most maternal sign of the Zodiac and Cancers make excellent parents. They have a naturally affectionate nature towards all living beings, and while in normal circumstances this would serve their romantic life, in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse it proves useful in different ways. Cancers aren’t ideal soldiers to put on the front-lines, and though they would make good tacticians and leaders, they can be a bit too emotional to make level-headed or cold decisions, particularly in the event of destroying lives, even if they are only Zombies. The Cancer’s compassion must be used to serve the war against the Zombies and not inhibit it. Cancer would therefore make an ideal medic. Whether they are medically qualified is besides the point, for it’s not an open heart surgery or an a liver transplant in question, but the act of nurturing and treating the wounded, which is a task that requires kind-heartedness more than anything else. Have your Cancer assist in the medical tents, caring for the wounded, helping to rehabilitate the sick, or even counseling the emotionally scarred. Cancers have both the insight and the empathy to offer expert psychiatric advice, even without previous training. Their shrewd understanding of human behavior, combined with their sensitive interpretation of people’s circumstances, allows them to provide helpful advice to those needing it.

   Being one of the most artistic signs of the Zodiac, Cancer can also help provide insight and perspective on the Apocalypse for both the survivors and future generations to come, who might be born in a peaceful, restored environment. Cancers, like all water signs, are blessed with the gift of creating meaningful art that reflects the nature of their realities. Whether it is with a pen, a paintbrush or a piano, the Cancer will invariably translate the war against the Zombies into a meaningful creation.

   War has many soldiers, but few heroes. Cancer can be a hero even far away from the battlefield.


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