Aquarius vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

   They are dreamy, cerebral folk with restless minds and spiritual souls. Most of the Zodiac is often concerned with the who, what, when and where, but the Aquarius often looks into the why and the how. It is at once their biggest strength and their greatest liability, for while this extra knowledge lends them weight in their actions and enables them to understand matters wholly, it often softens their stances on important causes. For instance, the Aquarius is likely to research and understand not just the nature of the Zombies, but the reasons for their overall appearance and manner. While most of the troops might only want to know information pertaining to the behavior of the Zombies, which will aid in their destruction, the Aquarius will go a step too far and develop sympathy for the undead. Or worse, they’ll merely carry on the information to a Pisces or Cancer, who will drown the rest of the troops with sympathetic tears. The Aquarius would be a good addition to the War Room, no doubt, and be a worthy colleague to the knowledge-thirsty Capricorn, but while the latter seeks practical and tangible wisdom, the Aquarius likes to lose them-selves into matters that are far off the beaten path.

   That’s not to say that the Aquarius is not an asset in tactical manners, because they tend to be refreshingly decisive, despite their wandering eyes. If the Capricorn’s report reads that a hoard of Zombies are to be found in what looks like an abandoned cottage on the side of a hill, there will still be some trepidation about whether or not attacking would be a good option. For one thing, the cottage might be empty, or worse, inhabited by humans. But when push comes to shove and indecision is in the air, the Aquarius will be quick to come to the rescue. They will back themselves to make the right choice, and if the intelligence reports maintain that there are zombies in the cottage, then the Aquarius will pull the trigger where others may hesitate. They are deep thinkers and soulful people, capable of insightful realizations, and while insight might not seem as useful as a bazooka in a war against the undead, one can never underestimate the value of relevance. What separates the humans from the Zombies is not just a physiological disparity, but empathy. And the Aquarius can inject any tactic or plan with the necessary amount of insightful relevance. It’s what makes them so invaluable.


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