Aquarius Compatibility

aquarius compatibility

The  following are sun sign comparisons for Aquarius the Water Bearer–how people  born with an Aquarius sun get along with other signs of the zodiac.


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   Both of you are independent, active individuals who appreciate progressive, dynamic approaches to any situation or problem, and your relationship has a lively, spirited quality. You both can be iconoclasts as well, taking pride in your freedom from many traditional values and beliefs. Aries is more concerned with personal creativity and, in some ways, less integrated into social groups and the community than Aquarius.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)


   While Taurus often takes a practical, down-to-earth, simple approach to life, Aquarius is more inclined to take a modern, pro-gressive or unconventional approach. This inclines the two of you to often differ on political and social issues as well as have diff-erent tastes in art, music, and literature. Aquarius is more aware of modern trends, and stays more in tune with changing styles and  current events, while Taurus stubbornly holds on to the classics. Taurus’ interests are more focused, less wide-ranging, and change little over time. This difference in your approach to life is not likely to create serious problems, but it does tend to be annoying at times. You are both stubborn~ TAURUS is  particularly stubborn, and this can aggravate the problem as you may be unwilling to fully accept and appreciate each other, being unwilling to adapt to  your differences.

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    Although you are different people, you might find that your basic goals and outlook in life are compatible. You have an excellent intellectual rapport. You spark each other’s wit and you love to toss ideas back and forth. Intellectual companionship is important to both of you, and in this relationship you have found a partner whose conversation and company you enjoy. You have the poten-tial to be very good friends, not just lovers. Shared viewpoints, common interests, and social activities are key elements in your relationship. Any relationship will have its challenges, but the two of you share a pleasing overall rapport that can help smooth over other differences.

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   Cancer is more attached to family, more nostalgic, and more domestic than Aquarius. Aquarius is very friendly but not as emotionally involved with family and has much broader tastes and interests. Cancer, for example, becomes very  emotionally attached to familiar surroundings and is inclined to live in one place for a long time. Aquarius, on the other hand, is more willing to follow  whatever direction that career changes and other demands necess-itate. Aquarius quickly makes new friends and does not need as high a degree of intimacy as Cancer and therefore finds the transition to new surroundings much easier. Cancer is also more concerned with having financial and material security and is more inclined to worry if circumstances are not stable and secure. Cancer needs to be needed and wants a level of emotional bonding and nurturing that Aquarius may be incapable of.

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   Aquarius is drawn to Leo’s warmth and vitality, and Leo is drawn to Aquarius’ uniqueness, intelligence, and savvy. There are significant differences between you though. Aquarius’ colleagues, associates, and large social circle of friends and acquaintances are a very important part of Aquarius’ life, while Aquarius’ need for close, personal relationships is not as great as Leo’s. This  charac-teristic is also reflected in your relationship! Aquarius may seem cool and aloof to Leo.

   From Aquarius’ perspective, Leo takes life too personally and  seems to dramatize events, idolize individuals, and, in general, be too self-absorbed. You are truly opposites in many ways and can certainly benefit  from one another’s attitudes and insights.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)


   Although you approach problems and ideas from different perspectives, you have a good mental rapport. Virgo focuses on specific details, and prefers to specialize in a certain area, while Aquarius takes a wider, more global view and looks for inter-relationships in a large system, without as much focus on any  particular area of specialization. Virgo is more concerned with the effective and precise application of plans, and helps Aquarius to practically apply ideas. You  make a good team in social or intell-ectual pursuits. Your relationship may be a bit cool or formal, however, and hopefully there are other astrological factors to provide warmth, affection, and romantic or sexual attraction.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)


   Both of you are very social, active people. You are involved in community groups, and your line of work probably brings you into contact with lots of  people. You harmonize well with each other and are great friends.

   Aquarius is very attached to clubs, social groups, and colleagues. Libra may feel that Aquarius needs friends more than a marriage partner or lover. In fact, Libra devotes much more attention to any close partnership. This difference in orientation is fairly subtle, however, and may not be a source of difficulty or  conflict. You both tend to live in your minds, and enjoy a partner who is awake and alive mentally~ an intellectual peer. Fortunately, you have this in one another.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)


   Aquarius is idealistic and can be very abstract and heady, while Scorpio relies more on instinct, intuitive sensitivity, and “gut feelings”. Scorpio’s passions, irrational loves and hates, and intense emotional responses baffle Aquarius, who is far more rational and cerebral. More importantly, Scorpio is very emotion-ally attached to a lover and can be become intensely fixated on a person. Aquarius is cool, unemotional, and rather aloof by compari-son. Aquarius needs lots of friends and acquaintances but is not as involved in personal relationships as most people. This may create an emotional gap between you that may well be hard to reconcile. You are also both stubborn, rather opinionated, and inflexible. You’ll need to appreciate and really understand the differences in your temperaments to harmonize in a long-term relationship.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)


   Outgoing and progressive, both of you enjoy busy life styles that keep you on the go. Both of you enjoy meeting new people, traveling, and keeping up with current events; even in later life both of you will stay abreast of current trends in fashion, music, arts, literature, science, and politics. Sagittarius tends to be a bit more philosophical than Aquarius, and likes to have a sense of mission and purpose, and is sometimes prone to grandiose visions and exaggerated hopes. Neither of you is particularly sentimental and your relationship may be very friendly but somewhat detached; fortunately this is not likely to be viewed as a problem by either of you. You both are independent; with this partner you can have the space and freedom you need. Overall, your temperaments and  interests are a bit different but blend well and this should be an enjoyable, interesting relationship.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)


   Both of you invest a lot of time in work and career and your talents and interests complement each other nicely. Capricorn brings practicality, objectivity, persistence, reliability, and tenacity, while Aquarius brings greater ingenuity, sensitivity to current trends, an awareness of the complexities and intricacies inherent in any situation, and the ability to reach out to a lot of people. A problem in your relationship is that it may become very focused on outer things and not enough on each other, allowing you to be-come a bit detached and aloof from each other, and the domestic and romantic aspect of your relationship could be weak. Hopefully both of you have other  astrological factors to provide warmth, emotional sensitivity, and romantic attraction to your relationship.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)


   Both of you are active, outgoing people. It is likely that you live in an urban or suburban area, and neither of you cares to be at home most of the time. Both of you work effectively in large organizat-ions and businesses. You are progressive, and you stay abreast of contemporary developments in politics, science and art. You have an excellent mental rapport and share intellectual interests or ideals that are very important to you. Your relationship, though  very friendly, may lack warmth and depth of feeling. You may sometimes wonder whether you are comrades or lovers. You both can be rather impersonal at times, and this quality may subtly per-meate your relationship.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)


   Both of you are very open-minded and tolerant toward new ideas, the unusual, and the unconventional. Aquarius, however, is much more cerebral than Pisces, who is  essentially intuitive and emo-tional. While Aquarius is cool, rational, and always able to give excellent reasons for an opinion or position, Pisces is frequently unable to logically articulate the feeling, values and subtleties that color and shape personally held attitudes or positions. Also, Pisces is a very sympathetic, compassionate person who feels the needs and pain of others very directly. Aquarius has a humani-tarian outlook, but is often more concerned with principles and ideals, rather than with real people and their actual situations. Aquarius, in fact, is capable of considerable emotional detach-ment and objectivity, unlike Pisces, who is hopelessly subjective.

   Aquarius is uncomfortable with too much emotion and depen-dency, and Pisces may want more intimacy, affection, and emotional closeness than Aquarius wants, or is capable of giving.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Color Codes – Sun Signs – Quick Interpretation:

Very Compatible - TrineMagenta Pink: Hot – Your Sun signs are trine. Your individual emotional dispositions are similar enough to understand, and different enough to be exciting.

Electric Attraction - ConjunctCrimson Red: Bang-On – You share the same Sun signs. Your emotional natures are so similar, it’s uncanny. Your relationship is very intense.

HarmoniousLight Purple: Harmonious – Your Sun signs are sextile. You appreciate one another’s emotional style. It’s easy to collaborate with one another.

Opposites AttractPink: Opposites Attract! – Your Sun signs are opposite. You find each other fascinating, frustrating, and intriguing–all at the same time!

Compatibility QuestionableBeige: Huh? – Your Sun signs are semi-sextile. You don’t really understand each other’s styles of expressing emotions. Your relationship requires some adjustments.

InconjunctOlive: Paradox – Your signs are inconjunct. If an attraction exists, it’s magnetic and binding, but it’s hard to find the reason for it, and plenty of adjustments are necessary.

Squaring OffGreen: Clash – Your Sun signs are square. It’s very challenging to understand each other’s styles of expressing feelings, and clashes are frequent.


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