Virgo~ Colors of Power

virgo colors   Virgo is an earth sign, and it seems natural that their colors would include browns and greens to soothe any anxiousness they may incur.  This is a sign that loves color that comes straight from nature. The best place that a Virgo would love to unwind after a long day would be on a plush couch, in a deep brown color of course, surrounded by walls that are painted in a light tan.

   The most beneficial Virgo colors are deep browns and greens, which are basically natural hues that are associated with Mother Earth.

   Green has long been associated with honest friendships and good luck. The physical healing properties of the color green are associated with the heart, spleen, liver and thyroid glands.

   Brown has been associated with purifying the blood and improving circulation and pain in the back, and menstrual cramps have been reduced when this color is kept nearby. Brown has also been associated with stimulating motivation and confidence to pursue life goals and future dreams.

   The color blue is also beneficial to Virgo. Blue has healing properties that deal with audio issues, and has also been reported to reduce inflammation and fevers.  Mental properties of the color blue are associated with sincerity, a unique insight and interpretation of people and the world that surrounds them.

   For the most part, Virgo should avoid bold colors, especially in their clothing and home décor. It is both mentally and physically beneficial to stick with subtle colors, such as earth tones, including greys.


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