Taurus vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

    It’s never a bad idea to keep a bull on your side when you enter the battlefield. The Taurus individual is charismatic, shrewd and highly influential. If you’re heading to war against an army of Zombies, then it’s a safe bet to say that the morale of your camp is probably weak. You’re made up of ordinary citizens, trying to join together to rally together to fight a formidable foe—suffice to say you could use a field leader. Never underestimate the reach of the Taurus’ influence. Chances are, the Taurus field leader is well acquainted with all the people in the group; ask anyone’s name or a short bio about them and the Taurus is ready with the answers. They have a way with people; they don’t effuse the kind of seductive charm a Scorpio does, nor are they genial like the Gemini, but instead they have a dignified presence about them, which provides an air of likeable authority. In other words, people will follow the Taurus.

   One of the reasons they exude authority is that they personify elegance, particularly in physical expressions like combat. If a Taurus swings an axe, there won’t be anything about the action that’s ugly or barbaric. The swing arc will be forceful, with the appropriate back-swing and follow through. Trust the Taurus to strike a perfect balance in whatever they do, literally and figuratively. They are great students of life and when observing a task, they study and practice it down to an enviable level of perfection. Whether it be martial arts, sword-fighting or archery, the Taurus will be an expert that the others will admire. They are also reliable and hard-working. You won’t find the bull shirking combat duty and hiding from the battlefield. They have a strong sense of duty and responsibility, and once they’ve pledged their participation in the defense against the Zombies, you can trust them to follow through as cleanly as they would swing a sword. Being an Earth sign, you will seldom find them off center or day-dreaming. They pay attention to what’s going on around them, and this makes them an invaluable asset. Call on your Taurus field leader and ask them what’s been happening with the survivors, the troops or even the Zombies gathered across the wall, and they will give you an accurate and detailed report.

   No countermeasure during a Zombie Apocalypse is complete without a Taurus field-leader.


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