Scorpio~ Colors of Power

scorpio colors

   The Scorpio colors of deep red and purples should be incorporated in their daily lives, within their home décor and their choice of wardrobe.

    Maroon or darker shades of red are mostly the hues associated with Scorpio. These colors relay an underlining sense of mystery, and also signify strength, power and socialness. More importantly, these colors have a tendency to subdue Scorpio’s self-destructive behavior.

   Violet and burgundy are considered to be the same color and part of the purple family. Burgundy is a grand bold, yet sensitive color, similar to the Scorpio personality. Violet is a color of transformation. It has been known to bring renewal to the mind and deepen spiritual insight.  It also induces a better sleep pattern, reduces mental stress, which will surely affect the entire body if not treated. Violet has helped in the mental and physical detoxification process.

   The famous Leonardo da Vinci has said that meditation, and the power it brings, is increased by ten when performed surrounded by the subtle hues of the color violet. In some languages, violet, is simply referred to as blue. Consider the poem that begins with “roses are red, violets are blue.” Violet is a color used in many depictions of art to convey deep emotions, due to the fact that it is a color that balances between the negative energy of blue and the positive energy of red.

   Black is also associated with Scorpio, but black is not considered to be a color, but with this lack of color, it holds both negative and positive energy. One of the most supportive and positive qualities of black is that it makes other colors in the spectrum brighter. Many Western cultures associated the color black with mourning. During ancient Egyptian times, black was associated with night, death and also magic.


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