Sagittarius~ Colors of Power

sagittarius colors

   The astrological color for Sagittarius is purple. This color is respected, as it has been worn, throughout history, by Kings and Queens.  Queen Cleopatra wore the color purple often, as it was declared to be her favorite color. Even today, purple is associated with wealth, power and grandeur.

   The color purple also has a significant place within nature, as violets, orchids and lavender are considered to be lovely, delicate and precious flowers.

   The color purple is a strong spiritual color, and it could be due to the fact that it is a mixture of the strong cool color of blue, and the strong heat generated by the color red. This combination, which is in direct line with the personality of Sagittarians, creates the mystery of the color purple.

   Other than purple, royal blue comes in as a close second as the most influential color for Sagittarius.

   Purple and royal blue are directly related to the artistic creativity of an individual. They will bring about control and balance in an otherwise hectic world, and provide wisdom from a higher power during meditation.

   The home décor possibilities are limitless, with the range of deep purple to the softest violet hues. Sagittarius should definitely incorporate these colors in their home and clothing. When Sagittarius lives in a bedroom that has purple painted walls, imagination and creativity are enhanced.  But, it is important to keep in mind that when a purple hue has more blue than red, that it can create an imbalance.

   The color purple is the combination of blue (stability) and red (energy). Lighter shades of purple evokes romantic feelings, while deeper shades have a tendency to symbolize luxury, power and ambitious behavior.


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