Libra~ Colors of Power

libra colors

   Libra colors are on the softer side, such as blues and greens in the pastel and pale side of the spectrum.

   A soft, or baby blue color shade heals the mind, and brings peace and relaxation. A pale green is a powerful tonic that has been known to keep the mind, body and soul in perfect balance, which is the main goal of most Libras.

   The astrological color assigned to Libra is a light shade of blue. Don’t be misled by thinking that because light blue is not a primary color that it signifies weakness, in fact it is considered to be one of the most spiritual colors in the astrological world. Just look up during a cloud free day and see the majesty and the tranquility of the endless light blue sky.

   Pale blue is the perfect color for Libra, as it will raise their inner spirit and hopes and dreams. The color blue is associated with stimulating the mind, and to help with focusing mental talents of psychic connection and communications. By placing a blue sapphire stone under your pillow while you sleep, it will ward off negative thoughts, encourage a good night’s rest and keep your mind in a positive and productive place.

   Green is also not a primary color; it is mostly comprised of a blue and yellow mix. This color is associated with growing things, fertility and life.

   Other colors that are associated with bringing Libra good luck and balance are white and pink.


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