Leo~ Colors of Power

leo colors

   The royal sign of the zodiac ruled by the Sun. This planet symbolizes the supreme self principle. Leos like to dress up in all bright and bold colors and the color best suited for Leo is the color of the sun~ orange. Wearing orange will add to the charisma and magnetic aura of the Leo personality. Leos will also have a penchant for all that is bright and regal, especially colors like orange, purple, red and gold.

   One color that the Leos best identify with is gold and shades of bright yellow and orange .It stands for all that is glorious, optimistic and bright. And it also helps to enhance the sense of self-esteem and grandeur. Colors that do not harmonize well with the Leos are the pale and pastel shades. They do not go well with the Leo temperament, yet the combination of white, gold and black takes the edge off the plainness of the colors . Red, orange, bright shades of magenta and bright sunny yellow are just right for the Leos.


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