How To Seduce Taurus Man

taurus man seduction

  “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” That my friends sums up nearly all you need to know about the rock headed…oops, I mean bullheaded Taurus male. I jest; it does take a little more than great food to win him over. Taurus males are about the whole package. Is there candlelight or a romantic ambiance? Can he see the time and passion you put into making him feel good and wanted? Taurus men are as stubborn as they are loyal, protective and best of all… passionate. No good gesture goes unnoticed and goes without some reward.

   Let us look at the Taurus male, he is the true definition of a “fixed sign”. He is earthy and sensual, lustful and passionate. Those passions are not just sexual but of all things around him like food, drink and possessions. He likes to take his time, get things right. On date or even in life, he wants to get his money’s worth. He gives well and expects to get just as good in return. He is strong willed and he does not like to be argued with. He is also rather possessive, what is his – is his. A Taurus male is deeply emotional and that transcends to his passion in bed. With him you will know that you are loved and you are secure.

   Along with a good meal, security is an important key element of seduction. Remember, he will take care of you if you take care of him. He must be able to trust that you will be where you say you will be at the time you say. When you tell him something it is truth, not just a version of it. Not only be a real person but be realistic. If something can be done then do it, if not well then don’t.

   Speaking of being real, Taurus man can smell a fake a mile away. You need to be genuine in your affections and intentions. Pay attention to him, his likes and dislikes. Soft touches at the most innocent of times will get his attention. I also cannot stress the importance of romance. Make a date, wear his favorite color and invite him to your place. The comfort of your own home provides a relaxed setting where you two can talk and enjoy each other. If home isn’t an option then a romantic out of the way place is the next best thing. On the date though, do not speak of your past relationships… he probably does not want to know and does not care. He realizes you obviously had some sort of issue or you would not be here now with him. What is important to him is that you are there, right now with him and it is all about the two of you in that moment.

   A Taurus does not normally put out on the first date. Another key to seducing him is taking what you do know about him and building upon it. Those little tidbits of information you paid attention to from each date, use them to your advantage. If he likes a certain scent, use it sparingly. If he likes good wine, keep some on hand or frequent a restaurant that does. Keep touching him, let your fingers linger an extra moment or cuddle up to him as you walk to the car. Be consistent and keep building a foundation. By the end of night, he is thinking about the different ways he will get you out of the outfit you are wearing and horizontal.

   Venus, also known as Aphrodite, is the goddess of erotic love and relationships and she rules over Taurus. When you get ready to tango, be ready for it to be hot. Just might be the best bout of love making in your entire life. He will want to take his time, make it enjoyable for you both. It may be a sweet torture as he takes his time but I am sure it will be worth the le petite mort. There will be hot kisses, steamy foreplay and a lot of fun as he slides into home plate. He is the sign of the Bull and will let you know just how much of a beast he really is. One he is done for you, he may just ruin you for anyone else.

   If he does ruin you for anyone else, do not be too upset. Once a Taurus loves he is in it for the long haul. He loves a long term relationship. His hot lust turns to complete devotion to his mate. His dependable nature continues and his loyalty unmatched. You are his and he will remind you in the little ways as well as major. Once you reach this point he will expect you to keep your emotions in check, let him take care of you and return his loyalty and dependability.

   Taurus man comes with a level of intensity and passion that some find hard to handle. He is stubborn and steadfast. Often times they he is quick tempered under his shy and quiet demeanor. He does not waiver and is quick to defend, sometimes possessive. He likes to take his time and hates being rushed. He wants to get all he can out of life and share it with you.

   Remember to seduce and keep him be just as passionate and stable. You are down to earth, goal orientated and just as devoted to the tasks at hand. You are refined luxury not an excessive indulgence. Show how much you appreciate him and appreciate the little things. You can be just as happy at home as you are out on the town. Be sensual and affectionate, enjoy your sexuality and be willing to explore with him. You relish in feeling loved and protected, letting him know there is no place you would rather be than with him. For every negative a Taurus male can give you a positive, just grab on to his horns and hold on for the ride.


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