Capricorn~ Colors of Power

capricorn colors

   The astrological color for Capricorn is mainly brown with other darker earth based colors. Some individuals might consider brown to a boring and dull color, but when you take a closer look, nothing is further from the truth. Brown symbolizes a warm and friendly personality, which is what a Capricorn is all about. Brown, although similar to black, it has a more casual look and feel, and is a great background for all other colors to shine brightly.

   Capricorn brings out the best in the people that surround them, much like the color brown does for other colors. A person is truly blessed when they have a Capricorn in their life. “Caps” are a solid shoulder to lean on and they are trustworthy and sweet natured. They love to handle responsibilities and you don’t have to worry about them “dropping the ball,” because they take every task very seriously and will follow through until completion.

   Brown is an “earthy” color, it is found throughout nature~ trees, rocks, dirt. This color represents stability and practicality. Although brown is found in nature all year, it is considered to be a color primarily associated with autumn. Much like Capricorn, the color brown is dependable and simple.

   Capricorn should wear some brown when they need to focus on a project, especially something that has to do with finances. It is not advised to wear the color brown if they prefer to spend some time playing and goofing around, for it is a serious color that will require their full attention.

   Indigo, a combination of devotion associated with deep blue and traces of stability and objectivity associated with the red, is also considered to be a main color for Capricorn. The healing properties of Indigo include cooling a burning fever, and aiding in healing ailments that are associated with the ears and eyes. Indigo is used as a “purifying agent” for both the physical and mental aspects of an individual.


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