Cancer Beauty and Fashion Scope

cancer beauty   Cancer woman has a beauty that is ultra-feminine and soft. Her luminous eyes are often the first thing people notice about her, but she also has a wide smile and pretty lips, which can be played up through her makeup. She looks fantastic in pastel shades and light, shimmery tones of pearl. It has been said that Cancer woman has a light of light in her face, so she keeps her makeup light to match.

Following her ruling planet, Cancer woman’s makeup mood changes with the cycles of the Moon. She might use every artifice available on her dressing table to change her look completely, or just  go out bare faced. As a Moon child, the only cosmetic she really needs is sun block to preserve her milky complexion. Her eyes are extraordinary anyway, her  lips look plump with just a slick of lip gloss. Her hair is her crowning glory and she is likely to spend more on shampoo and conditioner than on foundation. She believes in the old rule of one hundred strokes with a brush every night.

In her earth mother phase, Cancer woman is all beads, blouses, and gypsy skirts. In her  nurturing business role, she is boardroom suits and sensible heels. In her romantic phase, she is the Queen of Lace. She changes roles almost effortlessly, completely unconscious of the effect she has on people. She is never forgotten, just like the Moon.

Not only her moods but her environment affects the way she looks. On the beach, with hair blowing free, barefoot and wrapped in a sarong, she might be a native; in the city, she blends in just as effortlessly, because she knows instinctively what is required. But always just beneath the surface, there is a sense of not quite wanting to conform. She will wear gold and diamonds on the beach, and  amazingly sexy underwear beneath that city suit.

She loves classic clothes with a twist, the twist that labels her as a fey moon maiden. A plain trench coat with a bright yellow lining, a slim bag that opens out to reveal myriad pockets, plain black court shoes with golden heels~ if it has a slight quirk, but otherwise looks timeless, she is loving it. Her favorite accessories are charm necklaces and  pearls.

Cancer woman prefers traditional outfits with an emphasis on femininity and comfort. She will choose flimsy organza over tight denim and loose silk over PVC leggings. Don’t be fooled by her apparently conservative fashion choices. She likes the touch of watery satin on her skin and will often wear a luxurious, matching set of lingerie beneath her conventional outerwear. She does not follow the latest craze emanating from the catwalks. Instead, she favors timeless labels and cuts. As every crab knows, trends are like tides, and they don’t last long.


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