Aries vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

   During the course of a Zombie Apocalypse, when battles rage on endlessly and war is the chant on every living being’s lips, there really is no better Zodiac sign to have standing at the front lines than an Aries. The Ram does not know the meaning of the word “surrender” and though invincible they are not, they will never be caught retreating from a fight or not competing with everything they’ve got. In the course of a Zombie apocalypse, Aries will assume the position of a wingman dutifully, being second in command to the leader and serving him or her faithfully. The leader might be the schemer and the strategist, equipped with the tactical nuance necessary to plan an assault against the invading Zombies, but it is the Aries that will execute the plan to perfection. Not short of intelligence themselves, the Aries is a passionate and instinct-driven individual, adept at sizing up a situation and assuming the best possible countermeasures. An Aries’ mantra in life is to fight first and repent later. There is nothing an Aries individual detests more than a missed opportunity, particularly if it was missed due to tentativeness. They do not like to hesitate and therefore their motto at the front of the battle lines would be to attack first and defend later, which is exactly the type of person you want leading your charge against the Zombies.

   Aries make good second-in-commands or wingmen, owing to their loyal natures and their deftness at handling authority. While a Cancer would take offence to stern authority and a Leo resent submitting to another, the Aries is well-suited to handling and following instruction. Their ability to focus gives them a sharp edge in combat, for they are goal-oriented. Give them a task and they will follow through with admirable tenacity. They would make good snipers and sharp-shooters, but it would be a waste of their passionate natures to have them lying low in a vantage point somewhere. Keep them by you or at the front of the lines, to rally the troops and infuse them with energy and wit, kind of like Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He had the type of sarcastic wit about him that would fit in handily with combat (the corny 80’s dialogue aside). Wit and energy aside, Aries would also be a wealth of knowledge on weapon detail, for before going into combat, they would have taken the time to study and understand every weapon at their disposal. There are many ways to handle a Zombie Apocalypse and many roles for different individuals to fill, but if and when combat becomes a necessary course of action, there is no better Zodiac to have at your side than the fiery Aries.


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