Aquarius~ Colors of Power

aquarius colors

Aquarius is the night house of Saturn, an airy sign that rules all that is outlandish and utopian, be it fashions, trends, colors, cuts, ideas or people. It should be obvious that the “Water Bearer,” Aquarius colors mostly lean toward a bluish-green tint (the color of the ocean and sky). Bold, bright colors will throw off the balance of sensitive Aquarius. They prefer the soft colors of blue and green hues, which are calming. These colors will also encourage inspiration and provide hope to Aquarius.

Blue invokes tranquility and a total feeling of peace, just visualizing an open body of blue water is calming, creating a magical and dream like state of mind. Most importantly, blue is known as the color of truth.  Green is a color that is very diverse when it comes to healing, it is used to balance emotions and restore harmony within the mind and body.  Green is both an energizing color and a soothing color, and is used when healing conditions of the heart.

   They also like all electric shades and colors that change with light. Aquarius colors are not the conventional colors but an outlandish mixture of two or more of such shades~ which defy a name and a definition, and can be called the “a new generation color.” Aquarius taste runs to a variety of colors ranging from stark and bold to those in combinations and contrasts. Sometimes Aquarius may sport designs and patterns that may make heads turn, but it is definitely true that Aquarius is ahead of their time.


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