Gemini Beauty and Fashion Scope

gemini beauty   Gemini woman is the eternal youth of the zodiac~ she looks much younger than her real age. She is characterized by a petite bone structure and fine facial features. The attractiveness of her bright eyes can be enhanced by applying mascara. She is a natural-born communicator, so her mouth is often the center of attention. Beige or brown lip-stick adds a touch of class to her persona. Although she can pull crazy makeup, Gemini woman usually keeps her makeup light and natural.

   Ask Gemini woman what she thinks about fashion, and you’ll be lucky to get a word in edgewise. Lively Gemini woman knows all the latest trends, and the  latest goss, and is streets ahead of most in the fashion stakes.

   When it comes to fashion and beauty, magazines and celeb websites are her sources. What is the latest hot thing being worn now? She knows, and probably already has two of them in her wardrobe. You won’t guess much about her from her wardrobe, however, as she will have piles of outfits, from fabulous to funky, from sweats to gorgeous gowns, from running shoes to six inch high heeled wonders.

   Gemini woman is the same with jewelry and accessories. Each outfit must have its own bag and shoes, some must have scarves, some must have belts. What doesn’t she like? Anything that covers her mouth or her ears~ she likes to be able to talk and hear what’s going on. She will probably have dozens of pairs of sunglasses, lots of chains, and some really fine bling. But she probably doesn’t know where any of  it is.

   Playful and flirty, Gemini woman tends to be noticed for her fun, quirky fashion sense. She loves trends and the changing of the seasons, pioneering new looks and different styles, then tweaking them to be uniquely hers. Gemini woman usually needs a walk-in closet to house all her outfits~ one for each of  her many mercurial moods. She will always end up wearing a lot of clothes and discarding them before wearing something totally different from the original choice. Her taste for colors is subtle, and her preference is for light, airy materials like chiffon or fine cotton. But, whatever she wears, Gemini woman carries it off with style.


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