Gemstones for Scorpio


Determined, Emotional, Forceful, Passionate

Scorpios are often serious people who are not easily ignored. While they are not typically confrontational, they keep their weapons ready for self-defense. Scorpios have an intimate connection with the world of the unconscious. They carry an instinctive understanding of the high seriousness and tragic nature of life and possess a mature understanding of the ironies of life.

Once they’ve set their sights on a goal, they won’t rest until they get it. They will endure to the very end to accomplish their goal. They are very proud of their will power and their ability to overcome obstacles. They know that even if it takes some time, they will eventually have what they want. If they do encounter a ‘brick wall’ they are likely to sink into a deep depression.

They have a long memory and a strong distaste of criticism. Once they feel unjustly slighted, they won’t ever forget it. If they’ve let their guard down and let you in, they are a true partner or friend. They have difficulty relinquishing attachments to people and ideas. Even if they physically move on from a relationship, emotionally they can remain connected for a very long time, unable to let go.

Scorpios have a great sense of humor. They love socializing, enjoying fine foods, fine wines and fine restaurants, so long as they meet their exacting standards.


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Hematite is an especially helpful stone for one born under the sign of Scorpio. It offers them patience and peace of mind. With its wonderful earth tones, it enables them to compromise and be more trusting of their partner, to put aside their own wishes and give themselves to another.


Red coral helps Scorpio fully enjoy life. It brings joy, energy and sensuality and protects them from envy and resentment. It helps them deal with jealousy and self-doubt.


Fluorite promotes intellectual development. It harmonizes the positive and negative aspects of the intellect. Fluorite helps Scorpios to use their intellectual gifts, endurance and will power for the good of others and saves them from overweening egotism.


Obsidian loosens rigidities. Obsidian not only eases psychological problems, it also relaxes constrictions in the shoulder and neck areas that often plague Scorpio. This comes from their iron will, which does not allow them to let go and give their thoughts free rein.


Sard is the gemstone of justice. It encourages Scorpio’s sense of justice, while keeping fanaticism in check. Sard sharpens the mind, promotes openness in dealing with other people, solidifies friendships and relationships. It guides the egocentric and introverted individual to become more outgoing toward those close to him.


Garnet allows Scorpio to transform their emotional strength and sexual desire into true love. Its red rays bring them into harmony with the heart of the beloved.


Agate’s crystalline inclusions give Scorpio the purity and clarity to recognize their inner nature. With its help, they can maintain this inner purity and face any difficulty that life has to offer.


Jade gives Scorpio confidence and joie de vivre. It enables them to acknowledge the beauty in the world and accept it without compromise. This will help them to become more sensitive and sympathetic and enjoy life more. Their happiness will spread to those around them.


This gemstone gives Scorpio the ability to acknowledge their short-comings and better deal with them. It increases their compassion for themselves and others. It helps them to speak hard truths in a more tactful and gentle way.


Red spinel promotes determination. It helps Scorpio recognize worthwhile goals and gives them the energy to reach them. It lessens fears, especially of major changes in employment or divorce, which can discourage even the hardy Scorpio. Spinel strengthens the soul’s healing power.


Red tourmaline helps Scorpio relinquish plans and ideas that their extraordinary will power cannot bring to fulfillment. With its assistance Scorpio can let go without falling into depression or losing their self-esteem. With red tourmaline they can approach others with greater awareness and respect for their wishes and ideas.


Chalcedony supports Scorpio in difficult times. In their darkest hour when everything seems lost, chalcedony can restore self-esteem and trust their own abilities and creativity. Having regained their self-confidence, they can return to the fray with new energy and succeed in all of their plans.


With rubies Scorpios can transform their emotions and sexual desires into true, lasting love. Their red glow ensures harmony in love relations. They teach constancy and point the way to perfect oneness with the cosmos.

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