Gemstones for Sagittarius


Optimistic, Freedom-Loving, Good-Humored, Honest

Sagittarians generally have a positive outlook on life and usually want to share  their good nature with others. The company of Sagittarians is usually sought after thanks to their positive energy. They have a love of nature and animals.

Sagittarians have a strong sense of responsibility and a clear sense of right and wrong. They find it difficult to witness injustice and can lose their patience and their temper. They can be so certain that their own view of things is so right, they find it difficult to accept that others may have a different point of view. They should be cautious of overly-condemning others just because they don’t see things the same way and should recognize they may create disputes because of their idealistic opinions.

Sagittarians love movement, travel and are always on the lookout for new sensations. Sagittarians are rarely bored, they are always seeking something to do and experience.


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Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis enables Sagittarius to realize their aspirations and share their plans with others. It also helps them find a partner with whom they can share their love and who will accompany them on life’s adventures.


Obsidian will help Sagittarius in pursuing their goals and in their journey of self-discovery. It protects them from doubts and negative influences that could constrict their talents. Obsidian can help Sagittarius overcome emotional blockages and unhealthy vibrations and restore their natural optimism.


Aventurine enhances all of the positive qualities of one born under the sign of the archer. Its connection to the earth’s magnetic field strengthens their inner cheerfulness and the positive vibrations that flow from them. As a result, they can make a positive impact on the world around them. Recognition of this fact will make them even stronger and more self-confident.


This stone gives Sagittarius the strength to defend their point of view and remain true to themselves. It widens their powers, helps them concentrate on essential matters and guides them to higher levels of understanding.


Dumortierite helps Sagittarius relate to others with tolerance. It reinforces their innate positive qualities, enriching the intuition. With its help Sagittarius can quickly recognize their limitations and learn how to rise above them. The deep blue variety increases patience and consideration for others, qualities that Sagittarius needs in their everyday dealings. It is the gemstone of loving acceptance.


The almost transparent blue topaz is a true companion for Sagittarius on all their travels. It will help them find their way through the wilderness and give them the strength and courage to carry on.


Moonstone will awaken new depths of creativity and imagination in Sagittarius. Its significant powers stem from its deep connection to the earth. It will give Sagittarius greater endurance and protect them from impulsiveness and self-doubt. Moonstone promotes even-temperedness and inner peace.


Amethyst encourages Sagittarius to trust their instincts. When they have been knocked down and begin to doubt their core values, amethyst will give them the spiritual power to recognize life’s meaningfulness. Then they will be able to once again listen to their inner voice calling them to a higher purpose.

Rose Quartz:

With rose quartz Sagittarius will find the tenderness and love their mercurial personality sometimes lacks. Under its influence Sagittarius will feel more secure and content, especially when faced with the anxieties that accompany charting a new course.


Tourmaline helps Sagittarius better direct their energies and talents. It provides them with the material support to embark on new undertakings. But it also reminds them that inner well-being is the true source of happiness. Sagittarius needs to work on their own development to maintain their good spirits: money, status or social acceptance are not the only things that count.


This gemstone is a lucky charm for Sagittarius. Its many colors mirror the endless variety of life. Sagittarius is naturally receptive to the wondrous riches and changing colors of the word around them. Opal guides them to a deeper understanding of the many facets of the spiritual realm.


The spiritual power of apatite endows Sagittarius with openness and joy in relating to others. It is very helpful in combating lack of motivation and irritability. When anger seems to gain the upper hand, apatite can keep it in check. It is also a powerful antidote to grief and negative emotions. It helps Sagittarius regain their good nature and equilibrium and releases inhibitions.


Chalcedony directs Sagittarius to look inward toward essentials and protects them from restlessness and makes them more reliable.


The deep blue variety of spinel fosters perseverance and endurance in times of crisis. Especially those Sagittarians who become easily distracted will find this stone very helpful.


Blue zircon helps Sagittarius rebound from loss. It promotes clear understanding and remedies mental imbalances. It encourages Sagittarius to acknowledge reality but also promotes dreaming. This gemstone will help them process the new impressions garnered from travel and social intercourse, while avoiding overstimulation.

Herkimer diamond:

Herkimer diamond promotes clear thinking and self-esteem. It stands for openness and the free expression of ideas. It gives Sagittarius strength for new adventures. To get the best effect one should concentrate on the stone and project the awareness of the desired result onto it. After using the stone, discharging it under running water will neutralize it, so that it can be used again.

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