Gemstones for Pisces


Imaginative, Compassionate, Sensitive, Selfless

Pisces live in a world of feelings and are extremely sensitive. It’s not uncommon for them to feel not only their own burdens and joys, but those of others as well. These emotionally sensitive beings often put the needs of others before their own, and so are vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Pisces try to hide their vulnerability behind a mask of superficial self-confidence but overall they aren’t very good at maintaining this disguise. Their extreme sensitivity can make it difficult to lead an ‘easy’ social life. They can be vulnerable to depression and beset by self-pity. They should be cautious of escapes involving addictions.

If Pisces remains true to his ideals and doesn’t shut himself off from the world, he has the ability to penetrate the deepest secrets and mysteries of life. Otherwise he could find himself feeling helplessly trapped in life’s difficulties and simply give up, avoiding all conflict.


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Amethyst will give Pisces the strength and courage to open their heart and mind to love. It furthers their creative gifts, helps them express their feelings and organize them in a coherent fashion.


Fluorite enlarges understanding and can help Pisces grasp complex truths. When they come to a dead end, it can restore their sense of proportion and give them an overview of the situation.


Sugilite strengthens self-control. It prevents Pisces from getting lost in daydreams. It protects them from being easily taken advantage of. It helps them to endure uncomfortable situations and gives them courage of their convictions and the ability to stand up for themselves in every situation.


Garnet with its deep-red, fiery color endows Pisces with will power, physical energy, success and good luck. It helps them to stop daydreaming and to make their dreams a reality.


Agate provides Pisces with stamina and patience. It helps them to keep their feet on the ground. Under its influence Pisces can gain self-confidence and make use of the positive sides of their personality.


Jade supports and reinforces the loving and empathic nature of Pisces. It provides harmony and serenity and teaches trust in the wisdom of the heart. It opens the soul to the beauty and abundance of life.

Rose Quartz:

While providing inner harmony, rose quartz teaches this sign to better cope with the vicissitudes of life and the mood swings they can bring. Its radiance heals emotional wounds and awakens new life.


This stone is known for its fortunate properties. It brings with it harmony and happiness in life. These qualities can help spur the intuitive Pisces’ meditations. It also can help restore cheerfulness to one stricken by depression or heartache.

Blue Sapphire:

This gemstone helps those born under the sign of Pisces achieve higher levers of spirituality. Its deep blue color signifies divinity as well as loyalty, devotion and friendship. Sapphire also strengthens the critical faculty and promotes mental toughness.


No other sign is as strongly influenced by diamonds as the sensitive and emotional Pisces. Its clear vibration and pure, bright light combined with its concentrated hardness enable those born under the sign of the fish to recognize their sensitivities and susceptibilities.


Citrine prevents Pisces from allowing their feelings to go unexpressed. Stifled emotion produces energy blockages in the solar plexus and leads to loss of peace of mind, dissatisfaction and irritability.

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