Gemstones for Libra


Diplomatic, Romantic, Charming, Sociable

Libra, with the scales as their symbol, continually strive for justice. There is a need for harmony, beauty and balance in all all things. Sometimes Lbras are so concerned with balance and justice and weighing all options that they have difficulty making decisions.

Libras are very individualistic and intuitive and their first instinct is usually right. Their keen sense of where they want to go and how they will get there helps them avoid many pitfalls.

Libras intense need for harmony will cause them to sacrifice or compromise quickly, just to keep the peace. They cannot live in a state of continual conflict and will suffer disadvantages to avoid it. Because of this, Libras should be on their guard against giving too much to please others. They need to be aware of their own needs and interests.

Libras tend to procrastinate while they examine every aspect  of a situation before coming to a conclusion.  They do however have strong stamina and energy and are prized as mates and coworkers.


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Smoky Quartz:

Smoky quartz is a protective stone for the Libra who seeks to make their life pleasant and free from turmoil. It provides the concentration needed to resolve problems and challenges. Smoky quartz can bring new ideas to Libra and help them maintain balance and a positive self-image. Anxiety, neurosis and depression will recede into the background and new beginnings come more easily.


Jade offers Libra vitality and health. Its deep green color intensifies  the flow of energy between the chakras and dissolves blockages of bodily  fluids. It strengthens the immune system and allows Libra to put their  thoughts and feelings in order. From inner harmony, Libra finds their  way to the outside world.


Sugilite encourages freedom, self-definition and self-restraint. It helps Libras advance from subordinate positions. Under its benign influence, Libra can come to better terms with themselves and enjoy spending time alone.


This stone fosters tolerance and harmony. It calms the stressed-out Libra and helps them let go of anger and hatred more quickly. When their inner balance is upset by excessive emotion, chrysocolla will show Libra the way back to their natural inner composure.


Malachite embodies the deep healing green of nature. It reflects the beauty of the natural world as it transforms itself through the course of the seasons. Nature’s innate harmony, its ecological balance of plant and animal life, speaks deeply to this sign. Malachite cheers Libra and lifts their spirits in times of trouble.


Turquoise captures the uplifting vibrations of the cosmos, it is an invaluable ally for those facing adversity.


Kunzite brings inner peace and security to Libra. It gives them the confidence to make the necessary decisions. It makes Libra strong and self-reliant.


Obsidian opens Libra’s mind to unfulfilled dreams and desires. This stone, which comes from deep within the earth’s core, has the capacity to reveal all that has been hidden. When Libra recognizes the source of their discontent, they can address the problem and overcome physical and psychic impediments.


A most important ally for Libra. Its vibrations bring inner freedom and mental and spiritual clarity. Thus Libra can stand up for their own ideas and desires, and not give in so easily to the wishes of others.

Star Sapphire:

This beautiful stone supports positive plans and goals. It clarifies the will, sharpens the critical faculty and creates a sense of peace. With star sapphire, Libras can make decisions without second-guessing themselves.


Blue tourmaline emits a message of peace. It keeps mind and soul in balance and allows Libra to live in harmony under difficult conditions. It encourages them to look within to find their true being and more easily recognize their destiny. Blue tourmaline helps its possessor take responsibility for his own life.


Diamond’s crystal purity strengthens those born under the sign of Libra and reveals things that have been hidden. It teaches them to recognize the need for inner harmony and the beauty of the true self. With the insight conferred by diamonds, Libras learn to recognize the multifarious variety in humans and the natural world that surrounds them and attune themselves to cosmic forces.

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