Gemstones for Capricorn


Practical, Ambitious, Disciplined, Patient

Capricorn is considered to be one the most difficult signs to characterize because of the widely varying types born under this sign. Most seem to share a sense of fatalism which lends to a sort of acceptance which is  a very different form than the joyful, open Aquarius personality. Capricorn accepts that suffering, difficulty and trials are all part of the package of life. In fact, Capricorns are most suspicious when things seem too easy or are going too well. They accept the role they play in life but lack the flexibility needed for change.

While others are daydreaming about what they might do with that winning lottery ticket, Capricorn has already earned his money the hard way and invested it wisely. Capricorn will do everything possible to fulfill his responsibilities. He is on time and in fashion. Conscientiousness is his middle name. Having endurance and a driving ambition, he will rely on his own will power to take him where he needs to go.

A traditionalist, he likes things to be just so. While he is certainly capable of deep and passionate feeling, his serious outlook on life and work can oftentimes make it difficult for him  when relating to others. When he lets go of his strong adherence to convention he flourishes well in long-term relationships. But before he will open up and share his true feelings, he must be certain that his trust and affection haven’t been misplaced. This serious approach can make it difficult to truly enjoy life and create lasting, personal relationships.

Capricorns have an instinctive knowledge of power and how to use it but must beware of a tendency toward dictatorial behavior. Some Capricorns do not tell people what to do, but focus on telling them how to do it. They will often demonstrate an impressive depth of knowledge of a subject and go into every detail on how something should be done and why. If Capricorn does make a mistake, it could take years of convincing before he’ll admit it, if ever.


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For those born under the sign of Capricorn, onyx increases wisdom and serenity. It helps them in their striving towards ever higher goals and in their appreciation for the beautiful things in life. Onyx strengthens their sense of responsibility and helps them recognize conflicts early on.


Malachite can help Capricorns become aware of their deep unconscious wishes, dreams and feelings. If they can allow a little more room for emotion, their success and satisfaction will be greater.


Agate helps Capricorn feel safe and relaxed. It is a most important remedy for those who cannot let go even with their own immediate family. In such cases agate will promote the ability to trust and let down one’s guard.

Moss Agate:

Moss agate is the lucky stone for Capricorn. It assures happiness in love. It enhances communication with friends and colleagues and provides a deeper connection with nature.


Capricorns will find that this gemstone promotes steadfastness and self-confidence. At the same time, it will remind them that the search for meaning must extend beyond their everyday cares and duties.


Obsidian will help Capricorns reach their goals. It protects them from negative influences and vibrations that can drain their life force. By recognizing the correspondences between microcosm and macrocosm, Capricorn can avoid emotional problems and achieve balance and stability.

Smoky Quartz:

This mineral can help Capricorn loosen attachment to material things and become more sensitive and understanding to those around them.


Citrine strengthens Capricorn’s aura and leads to self-confidence and warm-heartedness. It can help them through difficult times, in which they waver, and self doubt gains the upper hand. Then it can provide a sense of inner peace and the confidence to once again believe in life.


Sapphire and smoky quartz work well together to help Capricorn recognize the ephemeral nature of the moment and learn to acknowledge the sacred principles guiding the cosmos.

Rock Crystal:

Rock crystal helps those born under the sign of Capricorn achieve clarity and spiritual purity. In that way it helps them go beyond the confines of their expectations and loosen the grip of cares and responsibilities to enjoy a more expansive life.


Diamond strengthens the concentration of Capricorns. It helps them achieve their goals unhindered. It opens them up to worlds of art, music and beauty, allowing them to transcend day-to-day cares and take pleasure in the world around them.

Black Pearl:

Black pearl has a calming effect on Capricorns. Even if they have had bitter experiences, it will help them to see that growth and understanding can come out of suffering. With black pearl Capricorn can discover the beauty and depth of his character.


The dark green variety of tourmaline helps Capricorns achieve wealth and fame. It is a reminder that these are fair rewards for effort and hard work. But it also helps temper Capricorns’ natural pride and arrogance.

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