Gemstones for Aquarius


Friendly, Humanitarian, Honest, Loyal, Original

For Aquarius, change is the only way to  progress and so they embrace it whole-heartedly. Political reformers,  technological innovators and revolution-aries, their thirst for knowledge  is permeable. They strive for independence and freedom and will not be  confined by narrow systems, unless, of course, it is by their own  choosing.

Aquarius wants understanding and happiness in  everything they do. If confronted with conflict or stress they may  strike back, fly off the handle or simply take off. Joy is essential to the Aquarius per-sonality as well as freedom to use their imagination.

Aquarius possesses a love of debate and intense  discussion. They are open-minded, tolerant and very generous. However, their determination may often alienate others as their sense of reality  can be skewed by their own ideals and dreams. This can impede the  Aquarians ability to partner up and truly get close to another person.


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This  gemstone is  effective in counteracting and moderating mood swings. It  can help  Aquarius temper the urge for new things and return to an  appreciation of their partner and the realities of their situation. It can  also help counter indifference, which is one of the negative  qualities that Aquarius can display toward those nearest to them.

Falcon’s Eye:

Falcon’s eye stands for awareness. Its possessor begins to see the world and those around them with renewed clarity. It helps Aquarius to concentrate on essential things and address character weaknesses. It sharpens perceptions and provides an infusion of energy and freshness.


Fluorite can lead Aquarius to higher levels of understanding. It strengthens the intellectual apprehension of the truth and the grasp of cosmic ideas.


Malachite is very important for Aquarius. It can bring unconscious elements that have resided as vaguely formulated hopes or plans into the full light of awareness. It teaches Aquarius to believe in themselves and listen to their own body. It also provides a brake on recklessness.


Jade has ancient cultic associations. It helps bind Aquarius to tradition. It offers them an understanding and appreciation of perennially transmitted wisdom. Through its calming effect it can provide a pause for reflection that is sometimes an essential counterweight to the Aquarius restless yearning after new experiences.


This connects Aquarius with the powers of nature. It fosters patience and greater sensitivity to one’s environment. It also helps Aquarius tolerate the slower pace of others, who are hard-put to keep up with their restless search for new ideas.


Onyx reminds Aquarius that there is a world outside of their imagination that they can explore and experience. The calmness that onyx brings and its powerful vibrations can point to the path that the soul must travel.


Tourmaline is one of the most perfect stones on the planet. Its ability to reflect all the colors of light from the clearest white to the darkest black encourages Aquarius to avoid carelessness and superficiality and offers them steadfastness and peace.


The water bearer’s rich fantasy life is enhanced by opal, which also strengthens their creativity and helps them realize the ideas their fertile imagination produces.


This stone helps Aquarius achieve unity and psychological integration. It mediates between the desire for freedom and the need for boundaries. With its support, Aquarius can maintain a sense of freedom in the midst of adversity and constraint.


This stone strengthens Aquarius’ intuition and helps them realize their goals. It calms their natural restlessness and provides inner composure. Black, Finnish labradorite is particularly effective in promoting fantasy and creativity. It also strengthens the powers of recall.


For Aquarius this gemstone has a calming effect. It enhances vitality and enjoyment of life. It symbolizes and openness to one’s environment and neighbors and thereby smooths the way to fellowship and love. Amazonite is also effective in combating mood swings and strengthens the self-confidence of those who wear it. It also assuages some of the pain of grieving and promotes sound, healthful sleep.


With its soothing influence and calming rays, chalcedony can assist those suffering from mood swings. It can help during times of personal and professional stress. It is a good corrective for impatience and restlessness and can impart serenity to those born under this sign.


Diamonds impart order to the sometimes overactive imagination of Aquarius. They can support efforts toward self-awareness and promote qualities of perseverance and emotional stability.


Topaz leads to self-realization. Most helpful is blue topaz; for Aquarius.  It fosters creativity and the ability to actualize ideas and projects. All varieties of topaz provide their possessor with enhanced receptivity and a richer fantasy life.

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