Gemstones for Virgo


Modest, Meticulous, Reliable, Practical

Virgo loves order. Planning, analyzing, assessing and organizing are woven into everything they do. They plan and work toward all goals, even personal ones. For example, if a Virgo wants a vacation, they will plan how funds will be earned and saved for it. They plan the trip in detail, they plan how much  extra time will be spent working to allow for the extra time off, they plan exactly how to make the best use of their luggage space, and so on. It is not stressful for them to plan each detail, it’s stressful not to. While they can sometimes enjoy spontaneity, an underlying structure is still essential for true enjoyment.

System and order in all things, even family. They carefully plan for their family’s well-being. They will not betray their highly developed sense of responsibility or duty, even if it causes them pain or suffering. Virgos make great family members and contribute greatly to the group effort, even if sometimes to a fault.

Virgo tends to take things quite literally, so if they are promised something, they expect it to happen. Their sense of humor can be dampened by their literalism but they really enjoy wordplay and wit. Virgos are famous for making silent demands, expecting their needs will be met without verbalizing them.

While Virgo can be secretive and difficult to get to know, once you’ve won them over you’ll find you’ve gained a valuable treasure in them. They are loyal and true friends who will stick with you through thick and thin.


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Tiger’s eye leads Virgo away from overly structured activities and lightens the burdens of daily life. It lessens their need for security and stops their second-guessing themselves in order to conform to other people’s expectations. It also helps them to be less of a perfectionist, makes them more aware of their feelings and motivates them to open themselves up without fear.


Jasper fosters modesty and self-restraint, strengthening one’s sense of reality and connection to the earth. Yellow jasper provides mental acuity, red jasper inner harmony. It gives Virgo physical and psychological strength.


Carnelian promotes idealism and the awareness of social issues. It supports Virgos in their aspirations to help others and gives them the strength to do so. Red carnelian symbolizes activity and promotes energy. All forms of carnelian help Virgos take pleasure in living, which they tend to lose sight of. It reinforces their naturally steadfast characters and gives them the boost needed to undertake new enterprises.


With the help of hematite Virgo will be able to withstand hard times, great loss, career disappointments and manage extreme stress. Its metallic silver luster nourishes body and soul in times of adversity.


Jade provides Virgo with health and vitality. Its deep green color intensifies the flow of energy between chakras and loosens blockages of bodily fluids. This strengthens the immune system and allows confused emotions to become disentangled.

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis keeps Virgo from being too modest and self-controlled. It is a stone of power and nobility and can heal body, mind and spirit. It directs Virgo’s gaze within to the source of all strength and healing.


Sodalite possesses intense power. Its deep blue color represents spiritual strength. It serves to connect the material and spiritual worlds. It will increase Virgo’s inner awareness and help it find expression in daily life.


Opal helps Virgos appreciate the rich variety of life and open their awareness to spheres of action that seemed closed to them. In this way they can become more spontaneous.


When Virgo feels that they lack the strength to go on, ruby allows energy to bubble up from its deepest source. Its deep red radiance stimulates the chakras.


The pure light of azurite confers wisdom and truth on the soul. It helps Virgo forego an exaggerated need for order and enhances the romantic and spiritual sides of their nature.


This multi-colored stone consists of citrine and amethyst. It helps Virgo gain maturity and find a way of life that suits them. It also allows them to express their feelings. It dissolves emotional blocks and attacks the stagnation that hampers the growth of creativity and spirituality.


This is the stone of self-confidence and individuality. It has always been considered talismanic and is particularly lucky for those who have a distinct goal in life or ambitious plans and need time and energy to fulfill them. Thus it is particularly compatible with Virgo’s character. In times of confusion and frustration, it provides good cheer.

Gold Topaz:

This has always been regarded as a stone of wisdom and protection. It gives Virgos the courage and perseverance to implement their life plans. It ensures that they work honestly and fairly at achieving them. Gold topaz is also the gemstone of self-realization.

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