Gemstones for Taurus


Patient, Warmhearted, Reliable, Persistent

The most important things to a Taurus are peaceful surroundings and a happy family. They live for the people they love. They make true friends. They will go to great lengths to help someone in need, but only if they think it is really necessary. They have been called penny-pinchers and stingy, but that is not really the case. It is their need for security that causes them to stretch every cent as far as they can to protect themselves from being needy.

While some may see them as selfish, and it’s fair to say they will protect their own interests first, they also have the best interest of those around them at heart as well.

Never impulsive, they will think carefully before acting. Sometimes they risk the danger of procrastination as they lose their impulse to act for all their thinking. They are valuable and insightful advisors who will carefully map out a strategy and wait for the right moment to implement their plans. They are good problem solvers, usually able to come up with a practical solution to a problem.

While they require time and leisure to allow their thoughts to find the proper form, once they decide on a course of action, they will persevere until the goal is reached. They are stubborn and while they like to be on a team, they generally will not sit in a follower role for long, as their dominant urges will eventually come into play.

They do not like to be in the limelight. While they have many interests in all physical matters they don’t crave activity. They easily enjoy being an observer too. They are naturally skilled at working with their hands.


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This gemstone has a particularly salutary effect on Taurus. It promotes a positive self-image and the spontaneous expression of emotion. Taurus often neglects these aspects of themselves, especially when they are worried about their financial future. This can transform their natural frugality into miserliness. But rhodochrosite will combat this tendency.

Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz provides the underpinning for those born under the sign of the bull to love and care for themselves. When faced with professional or personal difficulties, they can find in rose quartz peace and ease of mind. This frees them for clear thinking and fresh undertakings.


For those born under the sign of Taurus, agate strengthens their thoughtful, down-to-earth characters. Agate’s sheltering influence allows them to make their dreams a reality. It also helps them to live within their means.


This gemstone opens the eyes of Taurus to the beauties of nature and helps them to see the oneness of heaven and earth. Then, they can free themselves from doubt and make their lives richer and happier. Stress and anxiety will also be reduced.


Aventurine brings patience and tranquility. It encourages Taurus to dream. This can be extremely beneficial for those bogged down in a world of materiality.


Malachite lightens life’s burdens for Taurus and helps them through times of change. It teaches that everything in the universe is in the process of change. And Taurus, as an integral part of the cosmos, must also undergo transformation and renewal.


Obsidian helps Taurus connect with their feelings and stay grounded. This allows them to weather the storms that life can bring.


Citrine provides Taurus with the sense of safety and security that is so important to them. Taurus loves to eat. Citrine helps in detoxification and promotes healthier skin.


Emerald imbues the oft-burdened Taurus with the energy and freshness of youth. It provides insight and speeds thought processes while enhancing concentration.


Zircon leads to an awareness of impermanence. It helps Taurus find their way in times of loss, sorrow and death. It counteracts the narrowing of one’s vision, bringing reconciliation with reality while stimulating the powers of imagination. The brighter varieties are particularly lucky for Taurus.


This precious stone gives Taurus the insight to recognize higher values and ideals and not think only of personal gain.

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