Gemstones for Leo


Generous, Warmhearted, Creative, Broad-Minded

Leos, like a mature adult, will bring the full force of their personality to the world. They love to make their presence known by a grand gesture and don’t mind being the center of attention. They have a strong dislike for mean or petty behavior and will overlook anything they consider to be unworthy of their attention.

Leos typically give a lot or not at all. They are big-hearted, and give generously for something they feel strongly about. Leos operate on their own terms and have the strength to refuse an offer they find unacceptable. They are steadfast and strong-willed, enabling them to stick to their decision. Leos have a strong code of honor and given word is law and they expect the same of others.

Leos must be proud of where they live and if they’re happy with their surroundings are most hospitable.

The faithfulness of Leos is legendary and they will defend family, friends and partners to the very last drop of blood. Sometimes their fixed attitude or arrangements can stand in the way of their growth.


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To benefit Leos and make their high-flying plans come true, onyx should be pure black. This stone keeps Leo’s mind free and flexible.


Garnet strengthens Leo’s will power and endurance. It balances their sexual energy so that they can experience the deepest joys of love. Its positive influence will also make itself felt in their working life.

Peridot Jasper:

Peridot Jasper keeps Leo young, strengthens the immune system and revitalizes the aura.


Tiger’s eye reinforces Leo’s mental powers and helps them become more inward-looking. Thus they can come to grips with their weaknesses and overcome limitations. Then they will discover that well-being and happiness depend more upon one’s spiritual development than on outward measures of success.


This gemstone has an especially powerful influence. Its parallel structure directs light rays and transforms them into positive energy. That is why tourmaline is of immediate benefit for the psychosomatic ailments to which Leos are particularly susceptible.


With its pearly luster, this stone provides Leo with the modesty and self-control that will best set off their loving and attractive nature.

Yellow Gold Citrine:

Citrine in this color brings Leo relaxation and rest, when they become drained by their strenuous efforts to reach their goals. It awakens compassion and the necessary understanding to consider the feelings of others, as they strive for plaudits and success.


Pink topaz is the lucky stone for Leos. It fosters honesty, sincerity and fairness in the drive for business and personal success. It also gives Leos the necessary distance to think things over, so that they don’t become frazzled and lose their sense of proportion.


Chrysoberyl is highly beneficial for Leos. It leads to improved relationships with partners and subordinates. It brings tolerance and harmony and fosters gentleness in personal dealings. It helps Leo recover their optimism during trying times.

Rock Crystal:

Rock crystal imbues Leo with strength and inner composure and intensifies positive vibrations. In times of adversity, rock crystal can help them regain their natural confidence and optimism.


This gemstone aids Leo in resolving old problems and leads to new ways of thinking and dealing with situations. It protects them from exhaustion and the negative energy that can cast a shadow over their sunny disposition.


Diamonds are the gemstones with the clearest light. The diamond’s piercing rays remind Leo that true leadership~ whether personal or professional endeavors~ involves service.

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