Gemstones for Gemini


Adaptive, Communicative, Witty, Intellectual, Eloquent

Gemini’s love new things. Attracted to excitement and change, they can bore easily. They value personal freedom above all else and revel in their individuality. Like a child, they want to explore and see all the world has to offer. They want to listen to what others have to say, learn new things and go new places.

Gemini’s have an impressive linguistic gift and are able to clearly express in words what others can barely conceive of. They need to communicate in words all that they have learned and experienced.

Gemini’s will rebel against narrow thoughts. They possess an inner flexibility and freedom that most can’t even imagine. They are known to change course suddenly, even when things are going well. Their inner flexibility can lead to ambivalence.

Adventurous and daring, the innovative Gemini prefers to be out with friends looking for something new and exciting to do rather than sitting at home. They prefer to be part of a group and can liven a party with their easy flow of ideas and lively conversations about their exploits. Sometimes, however, they may not readily accept the responsibilities of group membership and can be accused of being fickle or superficial. Gemini’s, however, just don’t think it’s a sin to change one’s mind. The importance of non-attachment is something a Gemini will take to heart.


whats your sign gems


This is a particularly potent gemstone for Gemini. It supports spiritual vitality. And through its connection with the earth, it helps keep the volatile Gemini on course. It serves as a firm platform from which Gemini can embark on her spiritual quest without the danger of getting lost in a maze.

Moss Agate:

This stone offers Gemini insight and understanding of different cultures and lifestyles. It gives Gemini the ability to understand the common lot of humanity and live in fellowship with other people.


This gem encourages Gemini to direct the gaze within and supports clear thinking.


Turquoise protects Gemini from negative influences that can easily disturb their aura. It absorbs unhealthy vibrations and allows them to maintain their spiritual purity and vitality.


This stone gives Gemini peace in their search for new and undiscovered territories. In its warm glow they will find the needed confidence to realize their dreams.


Citrine lights Gemini’s path, thereby providing the emotional clarity they needs to find their way through difficulties. It also helps them ground spiritual insights in the real world and expand their emotional lives.

Yellow Sapphire:

This stone lends support to all of Gemini’s plans and goals. It strengthens their will and critical faculties. It helps them to be more decisive and feel comfortable with their decisions. Sapphire has a particularly effective healing power in cases of stress, anxiety and nervous disorders. 


This stone has become rather hard to find. Its clear white and light blue varieties confer relaxation and calmness of mind. It has a soothing effect and endows its possessor with a clear and awakened spirit. It is also very helpful in combating the feeling of being overwhelmed. With its help Gemini can enjoy all of their various interests and manage their busy schedules and still preserve their good spirits and diplomatic talents.


Apophylite alleviates nervousness and helps Gemini find peace of mind even in the most difficult situation. Just as it can be used in cases of bodily paralysis, so it can ensure that its possessor will never become paralyzed by anxiety.


This gem helps Gemini attain unity with the deepest levels of their being. It can show the open-minded and susceptible Gemini that true freedom requires certain boundaries. With the support of aquamarine, Gemini can overcome resistances and limitations to their spiritual freedom.

Rock Crystal:

Rock crystal provides Gemini with inner clarity and paves the way for spiritual exploration and meditation.


The blue-white variety of chalcedony will bring Gemini inner peace. It helps them to listen to their inner voice and to be sensitive to the beauty of color. It makes their speech calmer and even more precise. In addition, it can help them avoid pitfalls along the spiritual path.

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