Gemstones for Aries


Enthusiastic, Confident, Courageous, Adventurous

Aries are the leaders of the pack. If you need to jump start a project, call an Aries. They prefer to initiate a project and rather than complete it, they’d prefer to supervise the completion. But don’t mistake their drive for arrogance. It takes a lot of focus to be a great leader. 

An Aries rarely loses sight of personal or professional goals. They want to be the first and the best. Their strong-willed nature has its positive and negative sides. They can sometimes shove their ideas down the throats of unwilling contestants and they do not like to relinquish control which makes it difficult for them to give themselves to others. Aries never wants to seem weak or helpless. If an Aries feels they are weak, they become moody and irritable, and outbursts come in waves with their dissatisfaction. 

An Aries doesn’t live in the past and consistently exhibits graciousness. Aries are open and sometimes because of their open nature, they can go too fast, laughing about what others may find offensive. If Aries does offend someone, they will apologize quickly. 

Aries has a youthful spirit that lasts well into senior years and will oftentimes begin a “new” life after retirement. Typically, it would be an endeavor that works to their advantage. 


whats your sign gemsJasper:

Jasper symbolizes will power. It endows Aries with follow through and energy. Its red variant promotes sexual desire and fertility, but also inner peace and harmony. It strengthens Aries sense of self and creative expression. Jasper also tempers negative feelings such as anger, jealousy and hatred, and is a good corrective for those who are easily distracted.


This stone can be a good compliment to Aries’ personality. It helps Aries to open up and guides them to inner spirituality. Armed with amethyst and their own will power, they can do something entirely unexpected, surprising those who see them as a single-minded realist.


Carnelian helps Aries, who is caught up in ambitious goals and schemes, not to forget the here and now. Aries likes to enjoy life. With the support of carnelian, they can allow themselves the time needed for rest and relaxation.


Hematite can bring Aries down to earth when they reach too high and bring them into a better relationship with reality. It promotes purity and increases their level of physical energy.


This gem increases self-confidence for Aries. It supports positive undertakings. It also prevents loss of perspective.


Ruby can help Aries when they have lost sight of how to reach their goals. It will increase their passion, especially towards their partner~ which they sometimes neglect because they have so much internal resistance to letting go.


Diamond encourages Aries to strive for higher goals. The diamond’s clear light can also reveal their weaknesses and help them in their struggle to overcome them.


This  gemstone embodies heartsease and assists in meditation. It dissolves  energy blockages and at the same time activates, calms and promotes the  healthful flow of positive life energy. It drives out negative thoughts  and produces cheerfulness. It promotes mental and spiritual growth in  Aries. With its help Aries can ascend to higher planes.

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