Gemini Woman

gemini woman



 Gemini woman is usually tall and slender, typically with long arms and legs, and exquisitely expressive hands. She has very good proportions and keeps here shape well into middle age. She has very beautiful grey or brown eyes, light, medium or even strawberry blonde hair and a pale complexion. One trait is sufficiently pronounced-the activity in her eyes which seldom have a deep, floating kind of expression. Another marked trait of Gemini woman is seen in her mouth which is almost always small with rather thin lips. Her nose is a recognizable feature, being long and generally aquiline. Her face is usually telling in its civility and agreeability. When it comes to physical “radiance,” the presence of Gemini woman is somewhat changeable and seldom earthy or solid. Gemini woman projects a youthful air. 


 The most striking characteristic of Gemini woman is her multiple personality. She is two women rolled into one. She is a will-o-wisp, a challenging mix of intriguing personalities. Some may argue that she is too much woman, but Gemini woman is simply who she is, making no apologies for it. She is a master of communication and expression. She loves to talk, but as a means to discuss and gather ideas and information, not simply to fill empty spaces of silence. She is extremely clever and has the ability to talk about every subject under the sun. Don’t underestimate her intellect, she can floor anyone with her brilliant conversations. Gemini woman is renowned for her charm and uses it to great effect. Her agile mind jumps from one thought to the other, faster than lightning. She is incessantly curious, prodding and poking at every angle and idea. Gemini woman is witty, quick with one-liners and will remember the tiniest, most obscure trivia.


 The mind of Gemini woman never settles down, her thoughts are always wandering. This makes her extremely restless. She is unwilling to decide, inconsistent and jittery. She is so fidgety that it becomes hard for her to be deeply involved with one person or place. Gemini woman can turn from Madame Jekyll with impeccable manners to Ms. Hyde, wild and unpredictable. One minute she is demure and doting, the next, ruthlessly sarcastic. She is full of sarcastic remarks and can criticize blatantly. She can be brutally honest about her opinions. Gemini woman’s superficiality leads her to skim things rather than explore them in-depth. She can have feelings of discouragement and moodiness. Gemini woman is easily bored, she needs constant change, movement and communication to feel challenged and entertained. She obsesses over things that are meaningless to others. She can be mistrustful and often feels a strong sense of envy. Gemini woman tends to make simple things complex, which makes her life very unpredictable.


 Gemini woman’s nature demands a very colorful lifestyle. She has as many hobbies as she can-especially those of the unique and unexpected variety. She likes to spend her leisure time doing brain stimulating activities. She is attracted to card games, board games, gambling and word games. Gemini woman loves reading, she catches up on current events and always has several books on hand. She is fond of table-tennis, badminton, aerobics, gymnastics and slow dancing. She is very interested in sky games like parascending, parachuting and ballooning.  Chances are she is a travel buff travelling gives her an exciting opportunity to visit different places, meet people from different walks of life, gain some valuable experiences and expand the horizon of her knowledge. Gemini woman has sophisticated, eclectic musical tastes, she loves listening to soft music with good lyrics.


 Gemini woman needs an occupation that uses her mind or hands, it is essential for her to always be on the go at work; the busier she is the happier she will be. She makes an excellent, well-informed business woman. She often enters partnerships in business and has two different occupations at the same time. She will be found in almost every type of job, versatility being her middle name. She will enjoy a career that gives plenty of challenge, variety and change. With her communication attributes she may prefer to seek a career direction as a journalist, writer, sales representative, receptionist or teacher. She dislikes working in closed spaces and any profession that compels her to stay in one place, she must have independence. She definitely can’t bare a mundane job where there is no skill or dexterity involved, however, in such cases she will try to find out new ways, introduce new concepts and throw new light on the tasks at hand. Gemini woman will attempt to incorporate her philosophy of life into the way she makes a mark through her work.


 Gemini woman values friendship and always has new and interesting thoughts to share. She will keep her friends amused with endless stories bits of information or network gossip. She is a great friend to share interests, passions and exciting things with. Gemini woman likes to leave her mark on everyone she meets. Gemini woman is never snobby and will have a diverse group of friends to satiate the many facets of her nature. She does best with friends who are similar to her: people who have quick, curious minds and like to discuss a wide range of topics, go shopping and seek new opportunities whenever possible. Gemini woman is extremely dependable and her friends look to her for guidance and she is there to give them a practical assessment of the situation without any embellishment or bias. Her cleverness is useful in keeping her friends out of trouble. Her ability to see both sides of a situation makes her an excellent mediator between friends. Gemini woman can be hard to get close to and she usually tries to keep herself afloat and refuses to attach herself to one particular person. She moves from one group of friends to another with unmatched grace and a warm innocent smile on her face. Gemini woman’s intellect and understanding of human nature makes her natural balance point in groups of people and she will often be at the center of a close-knit circle of friends.


 Family is important to Gemini woman, especially those with like mind. Gemini woman brings a sense of fun and humor to her household. She loves to challenge her family intellectually. Gemini woman finds marriage exciting and interesting. She will have a large share in the decision-making within married life. She also has quite the nurturing side and will be able to make an excellent mother. She will be able to provide a loving home for her family and a loving partner for her mate. As a mother, she will not be a bundle of sentiments, she will adore her children, however she won’t coddle them. Gemini woman will be very much soft-hearted and attached to her children and won’t be a strict parent as she will give her children liberty to live their lives their own way and will prefer to stay close to them as a friend. She will take time to get used to motherhood, but once she does she will be a fun mom. Meeting responsibilities with family can be quite challenging at times, but almost always, Gemini woman comes through.


 Love for Gemini woman is conformity that brings happiness and pleasure, an enjoyable bond. Being in love gives her a position of belonging. She is a true blooded romantic-romance gives her a chance to express herself honestly. In love, she needs stimulation of the mind and her curiosity must be engaged continuously. She will fall in love in a second, but will not risk her freedom. In a relationship Gemini woman requires light touch and fine balance. She loves small, sentimental gestures that keeps the romance alive and kicking. Gemini woman appreciates original effort and in return she can play many roles in the relationship. She is a best friend, competitor, cheer leader, critic, fighter and lover all rolled into one. She wants to be nurtured and catered to. yet her nature also demands independence and movement. Once she finds the perfect relationship, she is a dynamic and loyal lover.   

 In a man, Gemini woman looks deep for humility, but with the right amount of pride. She looks for intelligence-she cannot abide stupidity or silliness of any kind. She needs a man who can keep her entertained, mentally stimulated and excite her mind, especially her imagination. If he cannot keep up she will not hang around waiting for him-it’s not her, it’s him. She will want an element of mystery with her lover, keeping her guessing and always staying “new” to her will keep her attention. The man she loves should fulfill all her needs on different levels: emotional, mental and physical. Gemini woman appreciates a man who can be articulate, especially about his feelings. An arrogant and dominating man will never work for her. The man for Gemini woman will need to bring his patience and a lot of flexibility to the table. What is true today, may not be true tomorrow, but most likely will be true the day after.


 Gemini woman is the most versatile of the signs and sex is more than just a physical activity to her-it’s also a mental sport. Sex to her is like playing, it has to be fun, a tickle and a laugh. She wants a complete experience, total stimulation of her senses-sight, sound and touch. Light sensual touch is a turn on for Gemini woman, she loves being stroked on her hands and arms. She is a big fan of foreplay, wanting to prolong the phase as long as possible. She likes to engage in erotic talk with her lover. Open and extroverted in the bedroom, she loves to experiment and try new things. She is quite partial to fantasizing about virtual sex and role-playing, where she can take on multiple and varied persona. She takes great pleasure in pleasing her lover, she is always inventing new ways of satisfying him. 







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