Gemini Man

gemini man



 Gemini man is of medium height or slightly taller. His body is slim and slender with a short trunk, and longer arms and legs. A marked trait lies in the pronounced features of his face: his forehead is high and deep, while his nose is straight and long, his chin is usually well placed with a pointed jaw line and his mouth is somewhat trumpet-like, with small, thin lips. His eyes are generally light in color with extraordinary dark and long lashes. His eyes are like two high-beams of light which restlessly dart and pivot. A characteristic alertness and restless activity enlivens the movement of his whole body. He has a boyish, youthful and adolescent appearance, with a wonderful spontaneity and charming child like countenance. Gemini man’s youthful appearance, no matter what his age seems to be, has a magnetic sex appeal.


 Gemini man is often easy-going and jolly in nature. He is a real charmer and has a good sense of humor. He is full of zest for life. What makes him really popular, is the fact that he is highly imaginative and creative, he walks a little ahead of time. He is continually on the go, both physically and mentally, making him an energetic and active man in both mind and body. Gemini man has the gift of gab and can spin magic with his words, He is truly a great conversationalist, as he always has interesting things to say. He loves to talk and when he does, he speaks the truth. Gemini man is confident about his talents. Being very pragmatic, his decisions are made by mind and not by heart. He has strong intellectual inclinations, but isn’t the intimidating type. He constantly seeks out new things, new places, new people, and new ideas and experiences to quench his thirst for knowledge and insight. Known to enjoy life to the fullest, he is extremely adventurous.


 The enigmatic dual nature of Gemini man is hard for most people to comprehend. On the turn of a moment, he can become cynical, biting, moody and quickly angered. Sometimes, he will be fickle minded and throw tantrums intentionally. He is often uncertain of himself, becoming nervous and discontented. Being excessively spontaneous, Gemini man can be viewed as reckless. He gets bored easily and longs for variety and change: he will never be happy unless there is some flavor in his life. Gemini man is infamous for having a relatively small attention span and has been known to give up on projects mid-way through. His superficiality often leads him to skim things rather than explore them in-depth. To escape blame, he uses unscrupulous lying and cunning evasiveness, he contrives to put it on others. He may try to hide his insecurities behind a facade of false bravado and macho masculinity. Gemini man lacks the quality of conscientiousness, he is apt to fight a losing battle in any attempts he makes to be moral.


 Gemini man demands a lively lifestyle. He dips into many activities which peak his interest. He is very fond of all types of entertainment, parties, traveling, shopping and going to the movies. He loves museums, public performances and music festivals. He has an interest in vocal and literary art, and likes and knows foreign languages with French being his favorite. Gemini man likes taking long trips, he knows all the best places to go. He always knows what’s happening around town and he is often drawn to clubs, lodges and cliquey associations. Party going is a particular Gemini man penchant. He enjoys sports and other physical activities like yoga and any activity that enables him to rejuvenate his energy. Since he loves information, he likes having devices and gadgets that channel that information, like a computer or cell phone. Gemini man is an out going, fun-loving individual who loves the excitement of life.


 In a career, Gemini man is dedicated, seeing it as a calling rather than simply a way to make a living. He has an agile and adept mind and is capable of juggling multiple tasks at once, though he stays away from physical labor, preferring to let someone else handle that. He excels at anything he puts his mind to-so long as there are plenty of people around to notice and admire his performance. He often gravitates towards careers that put him in the spotlight. Gemini man is a hard worker despite his amateurish air, and he will succeed using his gift of gab and perseverance. He excels in advertising, media, politics, teaching or any field where his language and communication skills are useful. He makes an excellent sales person because his ease of communication allows him to be clever and make a comeback to anything a person says. He is quite disinterested in reporting or working under anyone. Having excellent math skills, he will make a successful accountant or engineer. In the workplace, he works best in groups as he tends to brainstorm and gather the opinions of others before making any vital decisions. Once Gemini man finds a work life that he enjoys, he will literally work himself to the ground.


 Being considerate and humane, Gemini man knows the value of friendship. His natural sociable nature is a big plus in drawing others to him. His insatiable curiosity pushes him to meet as many people as possible-he likes to leave his mark on everyone he meets. He isn’t snobbish about friends and doesn’t attempt to choose his companions thoughtlessly. Gemini man loves his friends and has friends of both genders. He makes a very interesting and exciting friend. As a friend, Gemini man will be close to just a few, but will prove to be the life of every party and social gathering. He likes to take on challenges and prefers an adventurous life with his friends. His penchant for gossip leads him to talk about what he learns in friendship. Though he has a love for gossip, he never indulges in it with malice. Gemini man is always a good companion in aspects of being a friend, an opponent to learn from and a protector. A sympathetic listener, he likes to use humor to lighten the troubles of his friends. If his friends need any advice, Gemini man is the one to ask.


 In family life, Gemini man can be moody and irritable, at times. Family life does not appeal to him, but it is not distasteful. He fails to create a strong bond with his family due to his focus on society and career. As a husband, he will dedicate his energies in favor of his spouse. Gemini man’s family life before and after marriage will be lively and full of variety. As a father, he is more adept at handling the intellectual needs of his children rather than the emotional ones. He will not be a disciplinarian, but he will teach his children important life lessons. He will hardly ever punish them, though he may sting them with an occasional sarcastic outburst. He makes a great father because he spoils his children and treats them as friends. Gemini man is tied to his family because of his strong affection for his children. He is well aware of his responsibilities  and will never back down from fulfilling his family’s needs. He loves his family very much and works hard to sustain it. In return, he expects his family to recognize his efforts. He is the sole decision maker for his family, the one who holds them together.


 Gemini man loves to read, think and dream about romance, his mind plays a big part in his enjoyment of love-the way to his heart is through his mind. He has a very charismatic personality which magnetizes a woman in the first go itself. The emotional intricacies of a relationship are not Gemini man’s domain of expertise, and he is unable to understand the complex and unsaid emotional requirements. He needs a lot of breathing space, committment can take a long time because he needs to know that the trap isn’t going to snap shut on him. A relationship with him can be challenging for his partner. Gemini man can be the most interesting, stimulating and delightful companion in the world, provided there is good, open and free communication. He needs trust in a relationship-he finds it hard to have to constantly reassure his partner. He longs for a safe and emotionally secure relationship so that he can feel a little less fragmented and a little better grounded in life. Once he starts to like a woman, he becomes very inquisitive to know each and every detail about her. He will develop strong deep feelings for his partner, but can sometimes find it hard to express himself. If Gemini man becomes bored and feels encumbered in the relationship, he will not have a moment’s hesitation about ending it in order to move on to something better. When the excitement ends so does the relationship. However, if the relationship is a source of support and happiness, there is no more passionately loyal partner than Gemini man. When he feels emotionally and mentally secure, then the relationship will be forever lasting.   

 Gemini man’s ideal woman will understand him, share his many interests and at the same time, never make him feel bridled. He wants a woman who he can connect with on multiple levels-physically, mentally and intellectually, because that’s how he experiences and explores life. He needs a woman who accompanies his lifestyle, she should be dynamic and enjoy the different interests and passions in his life. He requires a woman who is not insecure and will either tolerate or join him in his wanderings, both physical and mental. Gemini man loves change and innovation, so he wants his woman to have the flexibility and adaptability to keep up with his every move. He likes a woman who has a mind of her own. He prefers her to be strong, not necessarily as smart as he is, but able to pick him up emotionally, when needed. He needs his woman to admire him but not to take any of the words he says seriously. A woman who is a good talker and a good listener attracts Gemini man. His woman needs to have witty flirtation and interesting conversation. Gemini man needs a woman who can swim in the waters that he fears so much.


 Sex is a subject that interests Gemini man, and he is proud of his knowledge and eager to put it into practice. He is turned on with his mind. He prefers sex to be somewhat varied and unpredictable. He will definitely need to vary positions to keep his interests up. Sexy talk and plenty of foreplay is a big turn-on for Gemini man. His hot spots are his hands and arms which are very sensitive and are receptive to a massage and a gentle touch or stroke. This calms the high-strung Gemini man and relaxes him, setting the mood for passion. A lot of eye contact helps him focus on the task at hand. He likes it with the lights on and in front of the mirror, he wants to see everything during sex. He does not want rushing sex without atmosphere. Gemini man can work his lover into the mood because he knows exactly how to evoke the right responses from her. This man is a magician and will never cease to amaze his lover with the variety of methods he uses to escort her to indescribable moments of pure ecstasy.












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