Esoteric Meaning of Leo

leo meaning   Leo represents the consciousness of creation. It represents the identity and identity construction.  Leo is the “birthplace of the individual,” the coming into form of individual self-conscious man who emerges.  It is in Leo that the human becomes the “five pointed star,” for that star stands as the symbol of individualization, of humanity, of the human being who knows thyself to be an individual and becomes aware of thyself as the self. Leo is ruled by the Sun and thus human beings become “solarized sparks” or solar angels incarnate. Leo has been identified with “The King” or life giver. The symbolism of the Lion is that of the life giving Father, the Spirit and its nature is of the center or the heart, through which all energy flows, and the life-force emanates.

    Leo rules individualization and initiation, where the soul and consciousness is recognized within the heart. The Lion represents individualization-the ability to stand alone. Leo as a soul, is called upon to operate from a higher, more group conscious point of view. From Leo, comes solar fire, the fire we associate with Soul consciousness, the fire of higher mind. Leo becomes centered in in consciousness by perfecting the personality and infusing it with soul energy in order to radiate love to others. Leo indicates the height of achievement of the human soul.  In Leo, self-centered man eventually becomes the soul in life expression and focused on the achievement of the spiritual goal of selflessness.

    It is in Leo that we walk the path of self-realization, which begins with the development of the ego. Leo’s deeper spiritual purpose is to express Divine Will through realization of self as an individual. It expresses this Divine Will through the qualities of open-heartedness, warmth, creativity, leadership and love. Leo is the King, that sovereign entity that has rulership over Self. The pride of the Lion stems from the mental power of Leo.  The generous and outgoing instincts of Leo meet all kinds of responses through which the individual becomes more self-conscious with each experience, primarily the negative and painful ones. It is Leo which governs the roles we play in society, throughout our lives.

Leo is a major sign for humanity, ruled by the Sun which governs all the solar mysteries-the mystery of pure expressive being and the magic that this brings into life. In Leo, through the influence of the Sun, there is a unique condition where humanity is concerned, as the Sun governs all expressions. The Sun creates and sustains the conditions for the development of life as experienced through Leo. This sign is a peculiarly human sign and is connected in a definite manner with the appearance of humanity upon Earth. In Leo, we individuate, but can never separate from the rest of humanity.

    Leo is the most self-aware sign of all, the Lion knows he will determine his own destiny. Three tiers of energy come forth through Leo: orange delineates the physical Sun, occupied with material existence, gold determines the Lion following the path of the heart, and finally, rarely, the scintillating white  light determines the expansive horizons of the glowing orb that is the consciousness and aura of the initiate who is touching the spiritual Sun. Remember the Sun rules our whole solar system and is the ultimate local distributing agent for all the other planets. Neptune distributes energies from the heart of the Sun and Uranus distributes energies from the spiritual Sun.


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