More Scorpio Personality


October 23-November 21


  • Eighth sign of the Zodiac
  • Symbol is the Scorpion
  • Ruled by Mars and Pluto
  • Element: Water


  • Scorpios are dead serious in their mission to learn about others.
  • They concern themselves with beginnings and endings, and they are unafraid of either.
  • Curiosity is immeasurable, which makes Scorpio such an adept investigator.
  • Scorpios have ultimate control of their destiny-it is life on their terms.
  • They rarely lose since they are stubborn and determined to succeed.
  • Complex and secretive.
  • They are intuitive, probing and very focused on knowing who is who and what is what.
  • Scorpios can lose their temper and even become vengeful.
  • They are emotional, but not likely to show it.
  • Clever, perceptive and always in the mix.
  • Scorpios love competition in both work and play.
  • Colors for Scorpio are powerful red and serious black.
  • They are all about control, they must be in control at all times or they feel vulnerable.
  • Scorpios are reputed to be the most powerful sign of the Zodiac.
  • They despise weakness in themselves and others.
  • The scariest traits of Scorpio are their vindictiveness and their capacity for revenge.
  • Great strengths of Scorpio are their determination, passion and motivation.
  • Known for their possessiveness and jealousy, but they are extremely loyal.
  • Scorpio’s lover should be determined, forceful and have great passion and strength.
  • Scorpios are quick to channel their raw energy, power and strength into an exploration of their lover’s emotions and sexuality.
  • When in love, Scorpio can be intensely passionate.
  • Scorpio is a very sexual sign.
  • They issue out deep emotions when making love.
  • Nobody needs to love and be loved more than Scorpio.

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