More Libra Personality


September 23-October 22

  • Seventh sign of the Zodiac
  • Symbol is the Scales
  • Ruled by Venus
  • Element: Air
  • Libras are first and foremost focused on others and how they relate to them.
  • Epitomizes balance, harmony and a sense of fair play.
  • Just like the Scales, Libras want to be on an even keel.
  • They want what’s best for everyone-they despise conflict.
  • Cultured, refined and loves beautiful things.
  • Libras always have the right thing to say, they are truly suave.
  • Artistic, stylish and enjoys creating a beautiful world.
  • Libras will not hesitate to use their persuasive charms to get their way-they are very manipulative.
  • They are polite and do not like to fight, preferring to talk things through.
  • Great strengths of Libras are their quest for fairness, peace and harmony.
  • Libras are the most civilized sign of the Zodiac.
  • Sensitive to the needs of others, Libras have the gift of understanding others emotional needs.
  • They have excellent instincts and intuition, however, they do not trust them enough.
  • Likely to be underachievers due to their easy-going attitude.
  • Inside, Libras are very insecure, always searching for something to complete them.
  • They are easy to like due to their eager-to-please, out-going nature.
  • Never becoming too angry, depressed, happy or excited, Libras tend to keep their cool.
  • Libras have a deceptive appearance, looking soft but being tough and quite selfish underneath.
  • At times, Libras can become capricious and turn absolutely malicious, which often takes loved ones by surprise.
  • The negative Libras may show frivolity and shallowness.
  • Libras often act pessimistic towards life and its every aspect.
  • They do not take things seriously, which bothers people around them.
  • Libras have a tendency to retreat from a situation than actually facing it.
  • They are very impatient which causes them to lose much of their vital force.
  • They seek to be loved above all other things.
  • As lovers, they are expressive, creative and balanced.
  • They are old-fashioned romantics who love chivalry.
  • Libras desire a balanced and stable relationship which is free of conflict.
  • They enjoy the courtship ritual and will sweep someone off their feet, if given the opportunity.
  • A romantic idealist, they will wander the earth looking for the perfect match.
  • They like to bestow the best upon their lovers.
  • Libras are in need of a strong partner in order to satisfy their craving for love-making.
  • They must have the mental connection and deeply valued friendship from their lover.
  • A happy Libra is one whose relationship is not simply a coupling, but the joining of two people to go through life as one.

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